August 2, 2010

All the Best

I sometimes discover brands that offer natural choices for my skincare, and I spend hours swooning over some of their products and making a list in my mind with what I'd like to buy. Many of these products though are cut off from my list when I glance at their price. Unfortunately, most times a green beauty product requires shelling out a few times the amount needed for a regular one that can be found at the drugstore. While I do realize that traditional beauty products are more widely available specifically due to the cocktail of cheap chemicals inside them, I am not necessarily happy with the situation.

For that reason, I am always happy when I find a green alternative without the significant price difference. One such alternative is Best Bath Store. I found out about this online store more than a year ago while looking at a review of some of their products posted on Youtube by beauty guru Blair. Not long after, I put in my first order, which consisted mostly of free samples. Since then I have made a few orders, and tried many of their samples, all with positive results. While I still have some unopened samples and some more products to try, I do have a few favorites among the ones that I've been using.

My top 3 consists of the following:

1. Acne Facial Bar, $4.95 & 2. Acne Treatment Gel, $16.95. I use both of these every morning on my face, and while they don't miraculously get rid of zits overnight, in the long term, they keep my complexion clear, so that huge zits  - you know the ones that always come out at the most inconvenient times and in the most obvious places on your face - are nowhere to be found.

3. Chocolate Lip Balm, $2.95. Being a lip balm/lipgloss junkie, I had to try some of their lip care products, and this one is my favourite. Its chocolate flavour makes me want to eat it, but I constrain myself to just putting it on my lips at night and falling asleep in the midst of its yummy aroma.

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