July 26, 2010

New Life

I have never been one to follow yard sales closely - after all, I only heard about the concept a few years ago when I moved to Canada. However, my vacation last month was all about trying new things. With that thought in mind, I spent a couple of Saturday mornings browsing through yard sales with family members. As a result, I am now convinced that yard sales are quite an eco-friendly activity. In my opinion they are in compliance with all 3 R's of eco-consciousness: REDUCE waste and consumption by reselling instead of throwing away unwanted things that are still in good condition and that other people will REUSE and RECYCLE.

Luckily enough, my first yard sale experience was succesful, and I came home with a lovely set of china for 8 people that is only missing a total of 5 pieces. After a little research that revealed its identity as being the Abalone China Golden Grain pattern (discontinued since 1956), I realized that the $20 for which the set was sold to us was really a steal. So, while I probably still won't visit every yard sale that comes up in the future, I will be checking out a few of them here and there in hopes of finding some little treasures.

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