January 22, 2014

just this.

I'm not one to make resolutions at the beginning of each year. I get the idea behind it; there's something special that comes with a new year: the opportunity to turn a new leaf and get a new wave of motivation, to put behind whatever was and look forward to something that will surely be better.

Last year was the first time that I actually wrote down a set of resolutions. I made progress in each of them - some more, others less. But at the same time though, they weren't at the top of my mind, and with everything that happened throughout the year, most of the time they were completely out of my mind. So, I'm not sure resolutions are the way to go for me.

Instead, for this year, I've been thinking of something different. I'm not making specific - or even vague - goals for all the rest of the year; this year, I'm setting just one intention:

this year, I just want to be happy.

As silly as it may sound, all throughout December and this month, I've been listening to my iPod playlist on repeat, and some songs have just stuck out to me. One of them is "Happy" by Leona Lewis, so I'm stealing the line that gives the song's title for my intention, because as simple as it may sound, it's just what I need. I think that songs can take on different meanings in different periods of life, and something about this particular song - and this particular line - really resonates with me right now.

Unlike the past few years before, starting this year and seeing "January 1" on my calendar felt like such a heavy weight being lifted of my shoulders. 2014 feels like a new time, a time when good wins over bad, when dreams (at least some of them) come true, a time for smiles, kindness, and lightheartedness.

Because this year I just want to be happy.

"Someone once told me 
That you have to choose 
What you win or lose 
You can't have everything
Don't you take chances
You might feel the pain
I can't stand by the side
And watch this life pass me by
So unhappy 
But safe as could be
So what if this world just throws me off the edge
My feet run out of ground
I gotta find my place
I wanna hear my sound
Cause I'm just trying to be happy

I just wanna be happy"

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