August 28, 2013

Hasty Autumn

I saw the first fallen leaves on the ground today. It was a sad moment because this year, unlike any other year before, summer really got away from me. My favourite time of year that holds a really special place in my heart - the time that I look forward to during the other nine months of the year, the time that makes those nine long months bearable, the time when everything seems possible, when dreams get bigger yet they feel more within reach; yes, that time - got away from me and is now in its final days. If I even think about it for too long, I might cry.

But I have decided that I will allow myself to be sad the rest of this week and then, starting next week, I choose to look forward and enjoy the new season, because autumn too has its good moments. And so, I will be pleasantly surprised and absolutely ecstatic during the few occasions left of this year when the weather decides to hike up high enough to remind me of this beautiful but far too short time - summer.

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