August 8, 2013

First Harvest

We had high hopes for this year's garden. We started many seeds inside, built a dedicated space for them in front of a window that gets lots of light throughout the day and even bought grow lights to compensate for the not-quite-enough sunlight of early spring days up here in the northern hemisphere.

The seeds responded well to our efforts and care and grew very well - and very quickly! But, just like best laid plans often do, things started to go array soon after, when the weather decided to misbehave: first there was the unusually long (even for Canada!) winter, and then the unusually cool spring days stayed until late in the season. In short, it has been a difficult year weather wise which, when combined with the little spare time that our full-time jobs and long commutes allow us, meant that our garden was planted outdoors only a few short weeks ago.

• photo taken by my mom •

Now, even though they are still small, our plants are finally starting to show more signs of growth - thanks in part to our Agrogreen fertilizer that we picked up during our roadtrip, and to plenty of rain - and last week, we picked our first veggies, two good portions of green beans that amounted to almost 1 kilo in total.

If history (read: last year's garden) is any indication, pretty soon we'll have more green beans than we'll know what to do with. Better start researching recipes now!

I'd love to know, what's you favourite (preferably healthy) green bean recipe?

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