July 30, 2013

Niagara Second

Being a new employee means that I don't have any paid vacation this year and, inevitably, this summer. It has been quite a struggle accepting this thought; sometime I crave nothing more than a slow summer day when I can fully enjoy the sunshine and the warmth, which is not really possible right now. So, in an effort to still make the most of this season, I took last Friday off from work and headed on a long weekend roadtrip to Toronto with my brother.

Since we were going to arrive earlier than our check-in time at the hotel, we decided to keep going past the city and take a quick detour to Niagara. Our main purpose for going in that direction was to stock up on some all natural plant fertilizer by Agrogreen that my brother had found online. Since the shop was a short, 15-minute drive away from the Falls - which is practically nothing anytime, but especially when you've been in the car for about 10 hours - we couldn't pass the opportunity to take a peek at this wonder of the world.

• The Canadian side •

We had already seen it very well about 5 years ago, when we spent a week-long vacation there with our parents. So, a short stroll along the edge of the water, and a nice dinner at the restaurant across the street was all we needed to reignite those precious memories, and we were ready to head back towards Toronto to check into our hotel.

• The American side •

• Further up the river, where the Whirlpool tours take place •


  1. Great photos!


    1. Thank you!

      Hope you're enjoying a great start to the week! :)


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