March 8, 2013

Raw For Real

I first came across the concept of raw food a few years back, while I was browsing through the book section on Amazon (one of my favourite ways to kill some time!). I was able to read the first few pages of a raw food book, and I was quite fascinated. I had never heard of this approach to eating, and it seemed extreme but interesting. Now, a few years later, I'm still thankful that this was the way I was introduced to it, rather than through one of the many articles that criticize it as being just another fad diet. In fact, since then I've learned so much more about the principles behind it by reading a few books on the subject; one of them was Raw Food for Real People by Rod Rotondi.

I found this book to be a great introduction to raw food. It covers all the basics in a simple, understandable way, and it includes quite a few recipes, some of which are raw (& healthy!) alternatives to traditional recipes like onion rings, Caesar salad and even pizza and apple pie. Though for the time being I'm not looking to eat only raw food, I do want to include more of it into my meals, and this book helped me feel more comfortable with - and less overwhelmed by - all the different processes and approaches to food that are required, like soaking, sprouting, and dehydrating.

In a few words, I'd recommend this book for anyone who is curious about raw food without knowing much about it, and would like to be introduced to it in a gentle, inclusive and understanding way.

A few of my favourite words from the book:

"My grandfather fed his family of thirteen children largely out of the garden his family tended and with the animals they raised."

"[...] when the gods get together for dinner, I don't think they do drive-through burgers. It is a cornucopia of vibrant, colorful and life-filled fresh foods that I see the gods eating [...]"

"Whom we eat with and what we eat are major determinants in who and what we are."

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  1. I find raw eating very fascinating as well! I'm not sure I could make the commitment, but I do love learning about it. I like your approach, understanding it so you can add it into your current diet by eating better.



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