August 22, 2012

Clothed Green

This month has felt like a transition towards fall. Granted, it is still a summer month, but the weather has been cooler, the sun not quite as strong, and it's become clear that fall is approaching. With school starting again in just two weeks, I've spent some time over the last few days thinking about the season that's almost passed and the one that's about to come.

One of the highlights of this summer for me has been connecting with people who share my passions thanks to this blog. I've had the chance to interact with people a little bit more than before, and I've been lucky to write a few guest posts. I consider this a great accomplishment because it's incredibly flattering to know that someone else appreciates my writing and ideas enough to give them a little time and space to shine on their own site. Yesterday ended with a very nice surprise when I realized that another guest post that I had written was published, this time on Clothed Much. In it, I talk about one of my favourite ways to green our wardrobes, which is choosing eco-fabrics, as well as about a few of the most common eco-fabric choices available. So, if you have a second to spare, I'd love it if you checked it out here and let me know what you think.

I know that the silence in this space has been even lengthier than usual, and I didn't plan on addressing it but in the spirit of looking forward, I'll say that it was due to the many changes going on in my life right now - many of them scary, but most of them positive. I've realized that I do want to keep up this blog and continue to share my passion for living green, but also that I need to change the way I approach it. So many of my beliefs and convictions have changed and grown since I started writing The Summer of June, and my posts need to reflect that. Blogging for me has to develop from the time- and energy-consuming way that hasn't yielded the results I was hoping for, to a more meaningful one. In other words, I want to go out and live life first rather than spend most of it in front of my computer. It's possible that this will lead to even more cricket sounds around here in the beginning, but it will all ultimately serve the purpose of helping me create the best content that I possibly can. Otherwise, I can't even dream of influencing and inspiring people into adopting the eco-friendly lifestyle that I believe in so much, the way that I've aspired to from the first day I started writing. So please, stay tuned!

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  1. It def feels like Fall in the city! always write about what you love and what interest you, its the most important rule of blogging!

    love from San Francisco,


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