July 16, 2012


Even after two years of blogging, I have not yet managed to post on the blog every day, or even update my status on Twitter or Instagram regularly, like many others do, and lately I've been even more quiet than usual - but this time I did it intentionally. This is because I've been feeling the need to spend less time online. On any given day I spend a good chunk of time in front of my laptop, be it for schoolwork, blogging or other responsibilities, and it is taking its toll: these days, every time I'm at the computer I get so tired and groggy that afterwards all I can do is rest for a while - no matter how long a to-do list is awaiting me.

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I know too that we're at the point where technology is no longer optional but rather has become essential and I am not planning on giving up on it, I just want to find a good balance. My goal is to be more efficient when it comes to computer work and instead use the extra time I'll have enjoying life outside and away from my desk - I know it'll be better for me and better for the environment too.

I have a few ideas in mind on how to put my plan into action, but I'd love to know some tips on how you manage - or at least try to -  the time you spend at the computer.

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