July 9, 2012

The Garden Chronicles vol. II

• Radishes - sadly, out of all this we only got 3 or 4, because the rest didn't develop 

In the last few months, I've hinted at our plans for a vegetable garden a few times - I talked about the seeds and soil we're using and I also gave a little sneak peek at the process of building the raised beds - but I had yet to show any pictures of it and share a bit about its progress. Over the weekend I took some time to compile pictures I took recently, and looking at them makes me so proud of what we have created in our backyard this year. We have had some challenges along the way, but in the end we still succeeded, and these days we are starting to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

• Sweet & hot peppers - one of my favourite vegetables, I can't wait for them to ripen! 

• Zucchinis & cucumbers - these are two staples in our meals, and they'll be thoroughly enjoyed once they're all grown. We were tempted to use some zucchini blossoms on top of a pizza, but decided to let the zucchinis grow instead 

• Tomatoes - we planted many different kinds, both big and small, and have already started eating them, but unfortunately I forgot to photograph the ripened ones before picking 

• Green onions - they're tiny but so tasty! 

*You can see what our garden looked like last year in The Garden Chronicles vol. I

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