June 22, 2012

An Active 23

For my birthday this year, which was almost two weeks ago now, my family got me a wonderful present, something that I had been wishing for: a new bike! I talked about the bicycle of my dreams a while ago, but at such a steep price, I knew it wouldn't be mine anytime soon. I also thought I knew that I wouldn't get to have one remotely as pretty, because the ones I had seen in stores didn't even compare.

Well, I was proven wrong at probably the second or third store we went to, because I fell in love with the Everyday Kensington bike the moment I laid my eyes upon the tiny picture of it on the price list. To clear things up, this bike wasn't actually mounted in store, and having it mounted would have required an additional few days, so instead we just took a slight leap of faith and bought it in the box. I'm glad we did because my dad and my brother put it together quickly, I realized that I love it even more than in the picture, where it looked like it was a combination of black and yellow, and I can now enjoy it to my heart's desire.

With the scorching temperatures from this week, I haven't gotten the chance to actually ride much yet other than a quick trial ride. So, in the meantime, I'm building up my excitement by looking at beautiful images of ladies who bike because, to be honest, this will get me to go on a ride much quicker than the idea of exercise that I'm not always very fond of.

All this looking around has me thinking I should add a nice basket to the front of my new bike, to carry my water bottle, handbag and whatever else I might want to bring along.


  1. Welcome to the bike world!!! Your lovely bike is indeed, very pretty and it looks like it will be fun to ride!!
    Happy Bike Lady Life!!
    Martha :D

  2. Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

    My Lyfe ; My Story



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