January 23, 2012

Reading List

I consider myself a bookworm. Ever since my grandmother taught me how to read when I was just 5 years old - before even going to school - books have made me happy. A trip to the book store or the library is always a welcome detour from other mundane errands. A couple of summers ago, when I spent a month in New England with my cousin's family, we visited a rather vast and well-stocked used book store - a great resource for filling up bookcases the eco-friendly (and affordable!) way. On that trip, I picked up mountains of used books and brought them home with me.

To be completely honest, the number of books that I have read for pure pleasure (read: that have not been assigned to me at school) in the past few years is embarrassingly low, not for lack of want but rather for lack of time. This year though, I resolved to get back to reading more, especially more fiction books. So I thought this would be a good time to share a few of the books whose pages I am planning to get lost in during 2012.

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  1. All such classics and (i'm sorry to say) many of which I haven't read. I need to read more this year. I've been on a sci fi kick lately, but I need to read more grown-up things.

  2. What classics! I've read Northanger abbey (which is set in Bath, where I live, in fact my street is one of the main places!) and Sherlock Holmes (which is AMAZING. Really want to read Scarlett, please let me know what you think, I've heard mixed reviews! Virginia Woolf and Marie Antoinette too? Your so spoilt for choice!

    Nice to hear others are bookworms too!

    From your new follower

    Girl about Town XxX

    1. I've heard mixed reviews about Scarlett too, but Gone With The Wind is my favourite book of all time, and it left me wanting more, a better ending for the characters; I heard that Scarlett delivers that but, of course, the writing doesn't compare to Margaret Mitchell's.

      Thank you so much for following! Looking forward to visiting your blog! :)


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