January 6, 2012

Colourful Tips

It's no secret that I'm a complete rookie when it comes to applying makeup. No matter how much I try I cannot create a natural look with staying power, which is how I'd like to use makeup. That is why I often withdraw into the land of nail polish, where there are so many options that it's nearly impossible to misstep. In my transition to a greener lifestyle, I've switched to less harmful, 3-free nail polishes, and so far my slowly growing collection of Zoya's and Priti NYC's little bottles has been my trusty companion. Lately, beyond just switching colours, I've been more adventurous with my polish choices by using 2 different ones at a time; these are some of the combinations that I fell in love with.

• Zoya Barbie + Zoya Malia on alternating fingers 

 *Priti NYC Fireglow on ring finger + Priti NYC St. Catherine's Lace on all other fingers 

• *Priti NYC Oleaster on index finger + Priti NYC Bluestar on all other fingers 

* The last 2 combinations both have Priti NYC 2 in 1 Top & Base Coat underneath.

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