November 23, 2011

Edit Your Closet

Recently I've become more interested in the idea of creating a well-edited closet: one that is not overflowing yet still has plenty of options available for me to get dressed quickly, all while keeping it eco-friendly as much as possible. With this thought in mind, a few weeks ago I decided to tackle the task of editing my own closet and it proved to be quite a fun & freeing experience.
• Though still quite full, I can now see - and wear! - clothes that I didn't before  

My goal was to remove all the clothes that I didn't plan on wearing in the coming weeks, leaving plenty of space for the rest and thus, creating a manageable "temporary" wardrobe that would make it easy to pick well put-together outfits. In order to keep the length of this post within reasonable limits, I decided to show just how I did it now, and leave the discussion of why and what I hope to get out of it for a later time.

How I pared down my closet:

  • First, I took out all the special occasion pieces that are not in constant rotation.

  • For similar items - colour or print - I chose just some of them to keep close.

  • Then I packed away out-of-season items that I won't remix into my wardrobe anytime soon.

  • For lack of space, I folded all the clothes that I took out and stored them in my suitcase.

I plan on rotating items once I have exhausted most combinations possible and no longer feel inspired by the clothes I have out or when the weather forces me to add some thicker layers.


  1. this is a fabulous idea....

    my apartment, fortunately and unfortunately, has oodles of closet space.... two large closets in my bedroom, a linen closet, then two huge closets in the hallway and living space. i have tried to keep everything organized as possible, but still, will randomly find a sweater or dress at times, and be surprised. where did this come from, why don't i remember buying it? pruning and having an editorial eye are so important.

  2. blue roses: Your apartment sounds wonderful, I'm quite jealous of your ample closet space!! It is almost non-existent in our new home, so I'm stuck with the clothing rack for now. But on the bright side, the lack of space pushed me to do this, and now I'm so happy that I did. Let me know if you decide to try it too, I'd love to know how it works out for you!


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