May 11, 2011

Little Somethings

I have a really busy month ahead of me and I'm quite nervous about getting to everything on my to-do list. Before I really delve into the things I need to work on in the coming weeks, I thought I'd share a few ideas - along with some of my most coveted green picks for each - that I will rely on to help me unwind whenever the stress level gets too high.

A little snack break that I'll try to keep on the healthy side - I don't want to end up feeling even worse:

  • Honest Tea Honey Green Tea*, $25.95 for 12 16.9 oz bottles - I love green tea, and sweetened with some health-beneficial honey, it seems like a perfectly summery option.
  • Green & Black's Organic Milk Chocolate*, $40.23 for 10 bars - Chocolate is one of my guilty pleasures that I indulge in the most, so this will provide an added burst of energy whenever I need one.

A short pampering session to forget about the stress and just enjoy a few moments to myself:

A reading break with some scented candles burning close-by to refocus my attention:

Disclaimer: Afilliate links are used (they are marked with * above); in other words, as part of the Amazon Affiliates program, if anyone purchases a product after following these links, I will be compensated with a small percentage of the sale value (& will be very happy and grateful).


  1. I've had honest tea before and it's pretty good!

  2. Green tea is the BEST! I love it so much, I go through tons of it! It makes you feel better...just better! They have powdered green tea out here in HK which is my new fave thing... I think it's even more beneficial than the bags too, as you drink the whole thing! Ana, thank you sosososo much for your kind words... it's really lovely to hear such sweet thoughts, and it helps alot! So thank you! mmmmmm green and blacks, completely the best chocolate ever! drooling a bit! :) SO much love Zoey xxx

  3. tea with honey is the best! I'm going to see if my grocery store stocks that! And I always make sure to eat some sort of dark chocolate everyday! It's a must-have indulgence :-) xoxoxoo

  4. Love this post!!!Thanks for sharing!

  5. That Sheswai nailpolish looks just gorgeous! I love Honest Tea, too- it's healthy, sustainable and delicious :)

  6. These look like such great gifts to pamper yourself with! I love the nail polish colors!


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