December 20, 2010

Naughty Or Nice

I discovered Etsy not so long ago, through bloggers showcasing all kinds of lovely shops from the site. Soon enough, I was hooked on browsing through the different categories available and although I haven't purchased anything yet, I am simply amazed at how much talent there is out there. I really love stumbling upon green-focused shops and I thought that there would be no better way to highlight some of the amazing things they offer than with a few crafty and creative last-minute gift ideas.

1.   Organic Nesting Bowls, $35
2.   Little Bird Hemp Napkins Set, $32
3.   The Karie Karnation Recycled T-shirt Pin, $7.50
4.   Desk Organizer, $49
5.   Organic Cotton Apron, $26.50
6.   Organic Silk Handwoven Ida Scarf, $32
7.   Organic Cotton & Linen Handwoven Pillow Case, $18
8.   Carry Me Everywhere Tote with Handles, $25
9.   Little Red Bird Tree Ornament, $12
10. Organic Coasters, $21


  1. have u done the etsy test? where it finds the perfect gifts for u? deadly, i say! i could spend all of my money there.
    ps--i have a giveaway i think you'd like...please enter if you haven't already. thanks!

  2. I LOVEEEE etsy. I have so much off that site and I love that it's handmade and that most of the time you can really customize what you're getting and have contact with the seller. Such a nice place. Seriously though I have everything from jewelry to paintings to purses to my bath soap from there- it's like the biggest trunk show every!! I think you picked some great finds here too :)

  3. Elle - I didn't know there was such a thing! It sounds exciting! I will definitely check it out and maybe send some hints over to friends and family for my birthday or next year's holidays.


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