December 22, 2010

Beauty Wish List

In keeping with last-minute gift ideas, I've put together a list of beauty products that I would love to find under the tree myself. I browsed the Saffron Rouge website - an incredible online store filled with green beauty products - entirely too long but in the end, I managed to settle on these as my most favourite and, in some cases, most needed products - considering my seriously lacking hair and make-up skills.

  1. Living Nature Tinted Moisturizer, CA$40.70 - Since I have never used foundation before, I think this would be a great first step in that direction, and the limited 3-colour selection doesn't require much guesswork. It also gets bonus points for being a 2-in-1 product, especially those mornings when I have to run out the door at a very early hour.
  2. Revolution Organics All-Over Body Balm, CA$33.95 - I am truly intrigued by this product that claims it can be used in 22 different ways, and extremely happy looking at the short and sweet ingredients list.
  3. Intelligent Nutrients Organic Spray-On Detangler, CA$31.95 - Seeing as every winter my hair often gets into a big, tangled knot at the nape of my neck, this is one of those products that I desperately need to get my hands on.
  4. John Masters Organics Shine On, CA$37 - I have been wishing for anything from this company ever since I discovered it more than a year ago. While I find the shampoos and conditioners a little too expensive for my budget, I would be more than willing to try this strengthening treatment for my weak and breakage-prone hair.
  5. NVEY ECO Erase Corrective Makeup, CA$35.95 - Another multitasking product, this will help me cover those ever-present dark circles, and also act as a makeup base for those days when I feel adventurous enough to play with eyeshadows.
  6. Erbaviva Sniffles Chest Balm, CA$13.95 - With a few more months of winter left, I am hoping that this will keep me in top shape if I were to feel a nasty cold coming.
  7. Dr. Hauschka Deodorant Fresh, CA23.95 - Shamefully, I have yet to switch out my aluminum-based antiperspirant for a natural product that really works, so I'm hoping that this product is in keeping with the German company's great reputation.
  8. Moom Lavender Organic Hair Removal Kit, CA$16.95 - Hair removal being my absolute least favourite beauty process, I am willing to try anything that will not irritate my skin like a razor does and that will not hurt as much as an epilator does.
  9. Badger Sleep Balm, CA$8.95 - Although I wasn't a big fan of lavender the first time I smelled it, I have come to enjoy this scent a great deal and I find it quite soothing, so this product could prove essential for those nights when I'm tossing and turning and just can't fall asleep.


  1. i could use a tinted moisturizer right now LOL

  2. Hello Ana,
    I just found your blog and I find the idea behind it very interesting. These are great beauty product recommendations, and I will definitely check out Saffron Rouge for more. I'm your newest follower :)

  3. Oh, I want the body balm! Great choices!

    Have a merry Christmas!


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