August 13, 2010

Morning Treats

I think that homecooked meals are an important part of living a "greener" lifestyle, for several reasons: you have the control over what goes into the dish, and can choose to buy organic ingredients as well as local produce, both of which have a much smaller impact on the environment. Also, having to buy all these organic ingredients that are often more expensive than the regular ones, is a great incentive to reduce waste as much as possible and, for those living in the countryside, composting is a very good way to acomplish this.

While I am only now starting to practice my skills in the kitchen, this summer I attempted a few recipes on my own. They didn't come out perfectly, but they were good enough to eat and I am determined to try them over and over until they come out just right.

Having quite a sweet tooth, it was only natural that my first attempts at cooking were on the sweeter side. Both the blueberry scones and the sour cream pancakes are perfect choices for breakfast, although personally, I could eat them all day every day.


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