July 11, 2016

Mornings In The Neighborhood

This summer, we've made a habit of taking Toby out for a walk early in the morning, since it works best with our schedules. We always go for about an hour, each time taking the same route. Last week, I brought along my new Narrative Clip 2 camera, and clipped it to my waistband for the entire walk. I didn't know what to expect while downloading the pictures, but I was so happy to find a few real gems.

I have to be honest and say that I'm not always thrilled by the idea of going for an early morning walk, so getting to see these pictures has helped me to appreciate this little routine in a new way, and reminded me just how nice it actually is: the sun is high up in the sky already but the temperature, although warm, is comfortable instead of sweltering, and maybe the best part (for me, at least) is that the whole day is still ahead of us.

That particular morning was so beautiful - the bright blue of the sky, the lush green all around - and I am so glad that these pictures managed to capture it, along with the quiet and stillness of the early morning. Seeing them helps me to look at the places we go through in a different light and I couldn't help but reflect on this idea and relate it to life in general: it always helps to look at things in a new, more positive light.

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