March 31, 2016

Life Currently // March 2016

The last few days and weeks have been filled with a lot of...

watching the men's tennis matches from the Miami Open

wishing I was on a tennis court with a racquet in hand

launching the website for my new health coaching practice (!!!)

finishing up a knit blouse I've been working on and off for almost 3 years now

thoroughly enjoying the arrival of spring (snow melting, geese returning, flower buds popping out of the ground)

listening to new favourite podcasts from the first episode - 100 Not Out specifically, which is so good!!

reading this life-changing book

getting back into the swing of things on Twitter

starting new seedlings for this year's garden (or actually, I should say, gardens)

trying out new recipes (like this vegan lasagna and this buckwheat banana bread) that were a raving success with everyone in my family

What has been going on in your life?

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