March 15, 2016

Knotted Beauty

A few months ago, I mentioned on Instagram that I was spending the afternoon taking pictures of a few scarves that my mom had crocheted. Thankfully, after a couple of hours of photographing, I got to see the results of my efforts and I was actually pretty happy with how they turned out, so I wanted to share a few of them here as well, because this is not a frequent occurrence in this camera-challenged girl's life.

Like I mentioned, the scarves were all crocheted by my mom, after learning this beautiful new stitch called "Solomon's knot", as a way to use up some of the yarns we have around the house and to stay busy during her long commute to and from work.

The reason I was photographing them is because we decided to list them on Etsy. As much as we love a handmade scarf, we really don't need so many of the same, and we'd rather share them with others who will appreciate their beauty and softness just as much as we do.

Besides, after seeing how beautiful this pattern looks, I've requested a larger, shawl-sized scarf, that I can drape over my shoulders and wear during all 4 seasons, not just the 3 colder ones that these scarves are perfect for. To this day though, I'm still debating what colour or yarn I'd like my shawl to be crocheted with (maybe one of these neutral, lighter yarns that we have in the shop?), which always seems to be the hardest choice for me when it comes to handmade projects. Usually, when I pick the material first, I know almost instantly what I would like to make with it, but when I pick the project first, I have the hardest time settling on the material.

Does this only happen to me? What is the hardest choice for you when starting a new project? And also, speaking of Etsy, what are your favourite shops there?

PS: Naturally, I had my whiskered assistant along with me for the picture-taking, to make sure everything was in order!


  1. That's so lovely you're sharing these designs on Etsy, the red crochet scarf is so pretty :) I love supporting small businesses online, my friend sells tote bags on Etsy.

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    1. Thank you!

      There's something special about buying from someone you know put their hear & soul into the item, isn't there?!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Gorgeous knits! I love all the colors you chose, they're so bright and happy. Good luck selling on Etsy, I'm sure these will sell quickly (:

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. Angelina, thank you so much - for both the compliments and the encouragement! I can't take credit for them though, my mom was the one who made them. I do love the bright red and orange the most too.

      Have a great weekend!


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