January 12, 2016

Celebrating Toby

This little* goofball joins the 3-year-old club today and I can't wrap my head around it. Just like Mikka, he's brought us so much joy, laughter and light-heartedness, that we can no longer picture life without him.

My sweet troublemaker, keep eating all the good stuff (and sneaking even more with every chance you get!), rolling over for belly rubs, and being the most lovable, nutty pup in existence for many more years to come!

PS: That treat you almost managed to steal last night from the plate on the kitchen table is waiting for you to savour (or, you know, gulp) it in celebration of this new year of life.

*he's actually been bigger than me for most of his life already, but you know how it goes, to me he'll always be that little wide-eyed puppy that we brought home almost 3 years ago.


  1. awwww he is so adorable! an he is huge! What kind of dog?


    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I just realized I hadn't answered your question. Yes, he is quite big, but he's a sweetie. He's a Giant Schnauzer.


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