July 21, 2015

July Flower Garden

By now, I think it's no secret that I love taking pictures of flowers. I keep taking - and oversharing! - them every year when our front garden is in bloom. There's just something about coming back to a home full of life and colour at the end of a long work day that just gives me a little bit of extra energy, no matter how tired I am. So, I love to record the different stages that our front garden goes through every season and, to be honest, sharing them here only once or twice each year is proof of great restraint on my part!

There's just something about our flower garden that feels special to me. Just like with our vegetable garden, every year we've added new varieties little by little, so that now it's not only filled with many more colours than when we started 4 years ago, but we have a few different kinds in bloom constantly from early spring until - fingers crossed! - well into autumn.

So, it's my pleasure to welcome you into our flower garden, as it looks this week. It's definitely a little overgrown right now, but I think I prefer it this way. If you'd like to see how it's evolved over the years, you can take a look at last year's flower garden, as well as the ones from 2013 (here and all the daisies here!),  from 2012, and from 2011 (here and here).

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