April 20, 2015

Clear Skies Ahead

Literally and figuratively. Although we are anticipating some rain intermittently throughout this week (and the rest of the season, I'm sure), the tendency is towards warmer, sunnier and longer days. Similarly, I've felt that my life is slowly heading in the right way, towards the vision that I've had for many years and that has gotten so much clearer in the last few weeks. Just like the changing of the seasons, I am aware that the process will be slow and gradual and yes, I am expecting some rain (read: setbacks) along the way but now, unlike any other time before, I'm feeling so much more confident about this path.

In more concrete terms, over the last few weeks I have been following the B-School course by Marie Forleo and it's been such an eye opening experience. Beyond clarity, this course has given me so many tools to help me grow my business and to go after my dreams that now, unlike before, not only do I have the vision for the future but also an action plan with steps I need to take to get me there. I now know what changes I need to make to this site for better design, navigation, and functionality; I know how and when to send my upcoming newsletter and what to include in it; I am much more aware of my mission with this blog and all the other aspects of my business; I am committed to sharing so much more over here than I have until now. And this is not all; there is so much more on the pipeline. But most importantly, I know that, slowly - as time permits - I will make it all happen.

In addition to the lessons from B-School, I'm putting into practice what I've learned at IIN as well (if you'd like to chat about health and wellness with me, please make sure to get in touch), I'm building an online yarn shop that I am more and more proud of, and I'm talking regularly with like-minded people. I truly feel like this is the time when many good things are converging and helping me build momentum towards something especially good. Of course, there is so much more still to figure out, but I feel like I am finally getting a good start towards my dreams - sunshine and warm weather are helping too.

I'd love to know, where are you on the road to following your dreams? Please let me know in the comments below.

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