December 30, 2014

The Beginning of Something New

For the last five or six months, on the side of my full-time job (and of studying to become a health coach), I've been working on something new and really special along with my family: a new business called Josephine Yarns. It is an online shop where we sell yarns for knitting, crocheting and all sorts of other handmade projects. To stay true to what I (and we) believe in the most - a beautiful, healthy and sustainable world - the yarns that we are stocking are all in some way natural, organic, and/or sustainable.

The shop is not quite ready yet, as there are still a few details to iron out. It's been quite a long-winded process so far - certainly much longer than we had initially hoped and wanted - but we are slowly inching our way towards opening day. I wanted to share the news here now regardless because I've learned an important lesson during these last few months: sometimes it's better to reveal works-in-progress and allow people to root for you along the way and take part in the experience as it is unfolding (with both successes and setbacks alike) than to keep everything under wraps in hopes of having a pleasant surprise later on. Though I generally tend to do the latter, I've learned throughout this process how much pressure it can build up, and for me, it got to a point where it was causing quite a few tense moments and where I just couldn't move forward anymore. Only once I started to accept help and to talk about what I was working on as I was working on it, things started to turn around and progress more quickly. Even though it might ruin the surprise at the end, having another (or a few) ear and perspective during the million little and big decisions that need to be taken is so much more valuable.

Now, the excitement is building up, and though I'm realizing that I have absolutely no idea what running this new venture will actually look like, I'm ready to let it happen and start the journey. It wasn't planned this way, but I can't help thinking how wonderful it is that the beginning of a new year will be the beginning of a new chapter as well.

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