October 26, 2014

Right Now

These days, and these past couple of weeks especially, I've been doing a lot of the following:

experimenting with pumpkin recipes for the very first time; crustless pumpkin pie and pumpkin cashew cream to be more specific, both of which were spectacular successes;

knitting my very first raglan sweater - a cardigan! - on my commute to and from work as often as I can (read: whenever I can stay awake) and getting so excited to see it come together (and planning on writing a bit more about the process soon over on Ravelry);

figuring out my target market for the health coaching practice I am (very slowly) building as a result of my IIN training; if I'm completely honest, I might be a bit overly excited about this;

cuddling my sweet munchkins, Toby and Mikka, every chance I get;

dreaming of, planning and little by little building a thrilling vision of an entrepreneurial future;

wishing for more time to myself so I can work on all those passion projects that are brewing in my mind.

Disclaimer: the IIN link used in this post is part of the Ambassador program, which means I get some compensation if a sign-up results from it.

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