August 4, 2014

Repeat Lunch

I had this exact lunch two days in a row on my week off from work last month. I practically never eat the exact same lunch two days in a row - I like variety so at least part of the meal changes. I would have had this lunch a third day in a row (and fourth, and fifth) if I hadn't run out of brown rice (and if I hadn't been too lazy that day to make more).

The idea for this combination came from a mix of laziness - trying to put together a decent lunch without having to cook anything - and cravings. I knew there was brown rice in the fridge cooked the day before. I wanted a raw vegetable along with it for added vitamins and I remembered reading about raw carrots being great for balancing hormones - something that I'm all about these days - just a couple of days before. I also remembered the kimchi in the fridge, which usually comes to mind only when I finish eating. A few sprinkles of basil from the herb pots on our balcony felt like an obligatory finishing touch. So there it is, brown rice with raw carrot rounds, fresh basil and kimchi was served for lunch. My mom even joined me for the same meal both days - and if I'm being honest, the addition of the basil was her idea.

This is the kind of dish that brings back my enthusiasm for healthy eating when I'm struggling with the occasional unhealthy craving; because whole grains + raw veggies + fermented foods + fresh herbs = not only a nutritious but also a delicious (and quick!) meal.

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