June 14, 2014

Little Lady

Sitting pretty and wide-eyed with legs and arms crossed in front of you...

...or lazying around, in a "can't even keep my head up I'm so tired" kind of way?

Well, if you ask Mikka, there's no need to choose and you can actually do both, in a matter of just minutes.

Seriously though, this little lady and her canine brother Toby give me so much joy every day that I never knew was possible before having them. Even on a really bad day, they're the only ones that could make me crack a smile. How could I not when I get to experience this sort of shenanigans on a regular basis in real time?!

The two of them are what I'm most thankful for - along with my family and health - since they've come into my life, and so often I think how lucky I am to have them next to me to ease some of life's tensions. I've wanted to write more about them for about a year now, but each time I'm about to do it, there are so many feelings and emotions and things I want to say, that it gets overwhelming. I'll have to work on that.

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