April 26, 2014

Breathing & Reflecting

I really like the monthly "... : currently" series that Elise writes on her blog and I've seen similar ones pop up on several other blogs too, so I wanted to try it out for myself. I titled my version 'breahing & reflecting' because in order to write it I literally had to stop, take a deep breath and reflect on my life at the moment. This is something that both my body and my mind are in dire need of right now - and something that I don't do nearly enough - and, I think, it is also the reason why I like this type of post so much.

Here it goes. These days I am...

feeling frustrated with the hectic schedule of my days

anticipating lots of spring flowers in our front yard (just like last year and the year before). Their green leaves are already a good few inches tall.

enjoying Pinterest a lot and spending considerable amounts of time on there

rediscovering one of my long-time favourite blogs, Jen Loves Kev; it's the kind of rediscovery that makes me fall in love with this crazy awesome world of blogging all over again

catching up on my IIN lessons and getting ready for the first test

noticing that it is almost light out at 5:30am when I wake up (don't even get me started! - see first point)

trying hard to put more time and energy into this space; I miss it so

commuting by subway again and not minding it at all

seeing gaggles (yup, I've looked it up and this is exactly what they're called :) I love it! ) of geese returning home

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  1. What a fabulous idea for a post, love this Ana. And thank you for your super sweet comment, they always make my day!! And yes, Jen Loves Kev, I adore her blog. I met her in Austin a few years back and she's absolutely one the sweetest girls in person too! Hope your week is a good one, and yay for spring flowers!! xoxo


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