September 3, 2013

Summer Skies

I'm not sure why or how it happened, but over the past few months, I have developed a habit of looking up at the sky often - much more than before. I don't know if it was the fact that I looked up so much, or if it really was a special kind of summer, but almost every time, I felt like I was in the audience at an outstanding show being put on right above me.

I was even talking to my brother about this one day, and he agreed with me and added that sometimes the clouds look so perfect, they almost seem fake. I took a few pictures one evening - the same evening that I photographed the sun shine behind the trees - but this is only a very small part of what I have been lucky to witness all summer long, and I am so thankful for it.

I'd love to know, what about summer did you find particularly beautiful or special this year?

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