April 1, 2013

This March

There's so much to say about March. So many events, so many emotions, so many thoughts and dreams have occupied my mind and time over the last 30 days.

Bursts of sunshine. We still have snow on the ground. The temperatures still hover around the 0 degree mark, only rarely rising further up. I was close to my breaking point with this cold, grey weather - a few tears of frustration may have been shed and blue days spent inside wishing I lived somewhere else - but unlike last month, we were graced with a few days or hours of sunshine here and there. I'm convinced that they saved my sanity for the most part, but at the same time made me sad that the warm weather is still not here to stay yet. The golden light that fills my room in early evenings of clear days has been so bittersweet: sweet because I thrive in sunshine, and bitter because I know that the darkness is just mere minutes away, without a promise of equally bright weather come morning, after those very long hours of the night.

New family members. This month we got a kitten and a puppy. They're both around the three month mark and quite a handful, but so precious. They're also the first pets we've had long-term - other than countless tanks filled with fish, two parrots and a turtle, all of which are quite low-maintenance - and adjusting our schedules to integrate them too has been quite a learning curve so far.

Endless planning. It feels like this time of year is wonderfully busy in the blog world, with new projects and ventures surfacing all over, and I couldn't help not feel inspired. I'm looking forward to supporting some of these new blogger initiatives, but at the same time I've been doing some planning and dreaming of my own, both for the blog and my life in general. Sometimes I get discouraged when I think about how much work will have to be done and how much time will pass before I can even get close to some of these goals, but right know I'm just hopeful and ready to work. It's a wonderful feeling!

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