April 3, 2013

Goodbye Winter

There is still snow on the ground, and layers are still required when heading outside, but last week was the mildest of the year so far. Between the increasingly brighter days and the steadily rising temperatures, I am starting to build up hope that we'll be able to experience the wonderful joys of spring soon. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to say my goodbyes to the winter that got a good grasp on our side of the world and hung tightly for as long as it could:

Goodbye blanket of snow; you were beautiful and magical at first, but lost your charm when you didn't stop accumulating until well into March.

Goodbye temperatures that have kept the mercury in our thermometers way below the freezing point for many long months now.

Goodbye heavy coats and boots, and goodbye my new cold-weather lifesavers; I've enjoyed knitting and wearing you, but it's time for lighter - and brighter! - layers.

Goodbye naked tree branches, bitter cold winds and grey atmosphere, we're all ready for some vibrant colours and warming sunshine.

Goodbye darkness that has kept us tucked inside our home for a good part of these winter months. We want to be outside enjoying the long days of spring and summer.

Goodbye winter preserves, you took a lot of work and time to make last fall and kept us well fed all winter, but now we're ready to delight in your fresh counterparts.

Goodbye dry indoor air caused by the heaters that kept my hands and lips perpetually in need of extra moisture, it will feel wonderful to turn down the heat and have soft skin again.

Goodbye winter, we'll meet again in December (and hopefully not a single moment sooner!)

I'd love to know, what about winter are you most glad to say goodbye to?

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