January 16, 2013

The Beauty Files

As someone so interested in environmental issues, reducing my - and my family's - waste is an issue that is constantly on my mind, especially more recently. During the last few months, I've slowly shifted to a mentality in which things can - and maybe should - be both pretty and functional. I believe more and more that I don't have to compromise between the two; for example, "special occasion" dresses can be worked into everyday outfits, and in the same way, decorative items for the home can be used for organization too. This is not a new approach for me - I've already repurposed empty candy boxes and my jewelry box - and this year I added one more thing: a file holder that now holds my hair and makeup products.

I bought this file holder a few years ago, in hopes that it would help me organize the piles of paper from my desk. Once I brought it home however, I realized it was much too big for the desk, so I moved it to a small console table next to it, where it stayed filled with papers I barely ever touched. In short, it wasn't functional at all, it just added to the clutter. Ever since we moved to the new house, it's been gathering dust in the basement until last month, when I figured out its new role. I'm so happy to be actually using it every day.

I'm always so proud whenever I find a new use for an object I already have so I'm curious, do you ever repurpose items in your home? If so, what are they?

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