December 31, 2012

2012: A Good Year

I think that there would be no better word to describe 2012 for me than "intense". Looking back through all the posts I've written and thinking of the times when I wrote them, I've realized that I'm a completely different - and, I'd like to think, better too - person now than I was just 12 months ago. I've learned and changed so many things along the way, that everything from my outlook on life to the outlook for this blog have shifted dramatically.

The year started on a positive note with a trip to Vancouver in February, along with my brother. Although we didn't fully take advantage of our time there, I was so happy to get to know a city I had heard so many wonderful things about.

Immediately after, my entire family battled quite a nasty bout of flu, that had all of us taking time away from school and work, to be stuck in bed with fever and really sore throats for about a week. This was the point when I decided that some changes were in order, and when I delved deeply into learning about healthy eating and living - so much in fact, that I can barely even remember how I spent the time that I now dedicate to this new passion. The Raw Bites series here on the blog was born out of it.

The summer had quite a few highlights - wonderful weekends spent at home, our raised bed vegetable gardena new bike for my birthday, and a few guest posts of mine getting published on other blogs  - but also quite a bit of stress, with the constant worry of what would happen after the end of my university degree.

In the fall, the stress grew so much that I was only able to update the blog a handful of times - and for a split second, I even thought of giving up on it! By the end of the season, I decided that I seriously needed to focus on myself and building the life that I want, so along with school, a big chunk of my time went into getting better, both physically and emotionally.

During this new winter season, I got things under control and regained perspective. Though I still don't have the answers that I so desperately wanted all throughout summer and fall, I found a new way of looking at things that allows me to enjoy the present. I've learned how I function best, and I'm taking it into consideration while working on my goals. This has helped me to better enjoy life over the last couple of months, from the important moments, like my last university exam, to the smaller, everyday moments all throughout the holiday season.

On this last day of 2012, I'm ready for 2013 with a new attitude and a positive outlook. I don't know what the next 12 months hold, but I hope that whatever it is, it will be better documented in this space and on my camera, because it is so rewarding to have all these snapshots from throughout the year to look back on.

Now all that is left for me to do on this last day of 2012 is to wish you 
a truly Happy, Healthy and Green New Year!

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