June 6, 2012

Grey Area

By the time spring comes, I'm more than ready to give up dark colours altogether, though it's generally just a phase that passes with time. This year though, I seem to be more determined to keep my wardrobe light and bright, months after the cold season has passed; this might have to do with the fact that the clothing rack in my room that's visible all the time has shown me just how many dark pieces I actually have and got me a little irritated with them. So now, with the exception of a couple of basic black pieces, I'd be happy to do away with the colour this season - and maybe even further on - and replace it with softer alternatives. One of my favourites these days is grey, and after a little time spent online window shopping, I found quite a few eco-friendly pieces that I'm sure would get a lot of wear in my wardrobe.

1. Studio JUX Wool Jersey Cardigan in Grey Melagne, €79.95
2. Fair + True Sustainable Racer Back Vest Top£39
3. Beyond Skin Madison Sandal in Grey Faux Suede£86
4. Jigsaw London Green Label Drape Neck Jersey Dress, $98
5. Elsom Organic Cotton Slouch Shorts£88£56
6. Monkee Genes Organic Cotton Classic Skinny Sateen Jeans£55
7. Indigenous Designs Angle Tunic, $72
8. Sosume Scoop Neck Tee in Taupe, $95
9. Broken Doll America Skirt, CAD$96


  1. Gray is always one of my favourite colour to wear - I love it because it's neutral, but, unlike black, it's light enough to be worn year round. I love all of these gray picks, but especially the gray and white striped tank. Now all I need is some summer weather to wear it :)

    1. I just had to include this striped tank here, it's my favourite print after all. Keeping my fingers crossed for some summer weather for you!

  2. I love gray since it can be worn any time of the year! Love the skirt, pants, and striped shirt that you showcased here. Your blog is lovely =)

    Suzie Q

    1. Thank you so much! The pants are one of my favourites of the bunch too. :)

  3. I love wearing grey!

    xo Jennifer


  4. Gray is my favorite color! i love how soft these pieces look! Oh and happy bday to you, too! I hope you had a great day!

    1. Thank you so much! You're so sweet!


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