August 10, 2011

The Fruits of Labour

Since my family and I planted our vegetable garden in late spring this year, we're just now starting to reap the benefits. The first to ripen were the cherry tomatoes and though they're generally not my favourite kind, almost half of the ones we picked so far have already made their way to my tummy. So now I'm left even more anxious to taste the other, bigger kinds that we have planted, and which are growing rapidly on the vines. Who knew that an organic vegetable garden could be so exciting?


  1. I can't keep diddly squiggly alive but I love to admire this who can!

  2. yumyumyum! we grow all sorts of crazy stuff in our yard!

  3. ooh, SO exciting & these tomatoes look absolutely delicious. I keep meaning to plant a little vegy garden, it seems delightful. Happy planting and eating. xo veronika

  4. ooh the tomatoes look great! and we LOVE the name of your blog so cute!

    love from San Francisco,


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