June 11, 2011

Double The Fun

Not surprisingly, today is my favorite day of the year - it's my birthday! Other than the fact that I get a new number - today it's 22 - to me it's also the day when I know in my heart that summer is in fact here. I always get so excited for the warm months ahead and for everything that they bring with them.

I have been staring at my computer screen and trying to come up with something relevant to write for a while now, but there really are no words to describe how special this day is to me - as I'm sure is the case for everyone; it's a certain feeling coming from within and it's almost like New Year's day when I feel like I can turn a new leaf and get a whole new blank canvas to paint on in the following 12 months.

Last year, I was eager to embrace whatever the future was going to bring and I have to say that I've had quite a good year. I truly believe that it was, just as I was hoping, one of my best years yet. I've experienced lots of firsts and I've pushed myself to do more things than I normally would. So then, what are my goals for this new year?

Have more fun and take some chances!


  1. Happy birthday! It's such a special day for you - hope you have a fun-filled day

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it was a special day with lots of presents, friends and good food :) Congrats!!




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