August 20, 2010

Garden of Flowers

Although it hasn't been available in stores for a few months now, H&M's The Garden Collection is still lingering in my mind as one of the most beautiful eco-friendly collections I've seen in a while. Luckily, I did manage to get my hands on two pieces from the collection at the time, courtesy of my parents who bought them for me as gifts. However, until I managed to set foot in one of their stores, the collection was sold out. So I am now left wih the memory of beautiful floral and pastel fabrics, and with the hope that other major retailers will take their example and 'go green' with their collections.


  1. it was a fabulous collection xxx

  2. i sent a scarf from this collection to someone for a blogger swap!

  3. They still have some pieces, more geared towards fall. They had the cutest blouson cut ribbon tied jacket I'm kicking myself for not getting it! Adorable blog :)


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