September 10, 2017

Reading, Listening, & Learning: August 2017

A while ago, I talked about how I wanted to share more of what I'm reading, listening to, or watching, because it's such a big part of my life. I'm always either purposefully looking for answers to my struggles and questions, or simply stumbling across words that inspire me in a big way. I'm constantly coming across words that influence me positively, and ones that make me think and, in the process, change my perspective on my own issues and life in general.

Well, it's been over a year since I first shared a list like this, and that still remains the only one I've shared so far - the second one, that I started putting together shortly after, still sits in my drafts, unfinished. With my growing desire and determination to share more in this space, right now feels like a good time to pick this series back up again, especially since I've been doing a better job of keeping track of all these pieces of wisdom lately. Without further ado, this is what caught my attention last month:

The Excuses We Make by Jenny Sansouci - Some interesting thoughts on the excuses we use to not do the things we want to do, and the difference that commitment can make. The post starts off with the topic of excuses in relation to writing, which resonates with me so much, and includes an excerpt of an eye-opening perspective on writer's block from Seth Godin.

7 Types of Content That Do The Networking + Community-Building For You by Sarah Von Bargen - Networking, especially in the online world, is one of the main topics on my mind right now, as I'm working to grow my business, and this post is such a gem. I already knew about all these different types of content, but Sarah is so thorough in her explanation of how each of them works and how to use them successfully, that I know I'll keep coming back to this post over and over in the next few months.

Overcoming That Failing Feeling by Julia Engel - Starting and growing my own business has been such a steep learning curve for me that I've had a "failing feeling" for most of this journey so far. Reading Julia's post and identifying so much with her words was a great reminder that our fears and doubts can show up regardless of how much or how little success we're experiencing, and that it's up to us how much power we give them.
"I’d say almost everyday I experience this panic. A panic that I’m failing at life and failing with my business. [...] And even when I’m feeling happy in the present, I’m normally forecasting my failures through self doubt, thinking I’m not good enough to do something in the future."

Farmacy: Eating Your Way by Almila Kakinc-Dodd - This guide about eating our way and listening to our bodies is chock full of so many simple yet valuable bits of advice. Many of them are things I would recommend to my own clients but the timing of the post itself was great. I stumbled on it at a time when I was experiencing some short-lived but uncomfortable digestive issues too, and being on the receiving side of these recommendations helped me to refocus on taking care of myself, and to resolve my issues.

How I Overcame Shyness and Made My Own Success by Bianca Bass - As someone who is both shy and introverted but, at the same time, has to put herself out there in order to grow her business, I'm constantly told that I have to get out of my comfort zone and go against my nature in order to be successful. This post, written from the perspective of someone who is also introverted, at its core, offers the same advice: you have to put yourself out there. The main distinction that it makes however, is that, us introverts can become successful because of the way we're wired, and not despite it. In other words, being shy and introverted is a strength, not a weakness - and this thought makes such a difference for me.

I'd love to know, what have you been reading lately that you particularly enjoyed?

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