June 2, 2013


3 years ago today, I started this journey. I had no idea what it would turn into, and I still don't today. Over the years, I had lots of ideas and goals about what I would like to do with this space, but as time passed, they morphed into something different soon after - just as I've been constantly changing and transforming into the person that I am today, which is someone quite different from the person that I was three years ago, even though the essence still remains the same.

I've thought long and hard about a direction for the blog, and I've tried to define it in a concrete way, but right now all I want it to be is a place where I can be myself, a place that I will continue to develop only when and because it feels right. I've spent a lot of time reading and trying to respect "the rules" that are said to make a blog popular, but somewhere along the lines, I realized that the only way to make writing this blog be worth my while is to be honest with who I am - and who I'm not - regardless of what "the rules" say.

3 years ago today I was thrilled to start this journey, and today I'm just as thrilled to keep it going in the most genuine way that I know how.

Happy third birthday, The Summer of June! 
And here's to our celebrating many more of them together in the years to come.

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