October 22, 2012

Summer Tally

Throughout the summer, whenever we picked something from the garden, we did our best to weigh and record it on paper. It didn't take long to realize just how much our garden was repaying us for our hard work; we were very impressed with the numbers especially since the list only includes a part of the vegetables we picked from the end of July to the beginning of September. When that month hit, we were picking tomatoes and peppers, along with a few other things, faster than we could count them, so we gave up weighing.

From our experience these last few months, I'm now more convinced than ever that growing as many of our own vegetables as possible is the way to go, not just to make sure they're completely healthy and organic, but also because the amount that we gathered would have cost quite a bit at the supermarket, or even the farmer's market. I'm sure that we have already almost covered our initial costs of setting up our raised beds, which makes me that much more excited for next year's garden.

Now that the cold temperatures have settled in and our garden is not producing anymore, I've been thinking of and researching ways to bring a few edible plants inside for the duration of the fall and winter. So far, I've found quite a few interesting methods that I hope to share on here in the following months.

Did you plant a veggie garden this year, or have any plans for a few indoor pots this winter? If yes, what's been your experience and what have you learned in the process? I'd love to know!

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